Keep Calm: Agile is Being Practiced Here

Familiar with the Agile Project Management Topics?

Looking to become a better business analyst? As a hot topic at the annual PMI Global Congress, we wanted to share our upcoming Agile Project Management Course Series.
Within the PMI Talent Triangle Technical Project Management is a highly important today, with agile practices being the first necessary skill set to have acquired.

Learn more about Agile by watching our Agile Q&A:

Our new Agile course series will cover these seven PMI covered domains:


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Knowledge vs. Performance: Getting More Out of Your Training Investment

It has been said that “anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

And while there’s no question that employee training is something that’s worth doing – via online tutorials, in-person lectures or eLearning courses – it’s not entirely clear just how well employees are being trained.

This is not pointing out a flaw in the training itself, but rather a failing on the part of the organizations who arrange for it. After all, what’s the point of training employees if you don’t have an effective means of discerning how useful the training was, or if the employees aren’t applying the practical knowledge gained to help improve on-the-job performance?


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LearnSmart copy

LearnSmart at the PMI Global Congress

PMI Global Congress 2015 – North America

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort | Orlando Florida | 11-13 October 2015

As a Registered Educational Provider R.E.P. 3577 we will be at Booth #511!

Come Stop by the PMI Global Congress: Conference Solutions Center to learn more about our eLearning Solution Live!

Talk to our courseware developer Ammon, learn about how to provide scalability in eLearning for your entire company by talking to Cathy, and to learn more about who we are Lin will amke sure you know our special offer!

Checkout our latest and greatest eLearning Solution catalogs within in these key industries:

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Keys to Becoming a Successful Learning Leader

Utilize strategies your company can use to identify and empower a group of committed people to support your eLearning programs.

The goal of this series is to help your company cultivate a group of people who care about the outcomes of the training program. In our first installment (Turning Emoployees Into Learning Champions), we introduced the concept of a core learning group and discussed the roles that need to be filled. This time we’ll continue with discussion about the responsibilities of the core learning group and communication strategies.


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