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PMP 2016 Exam Updates

This is No JOKE! – As a proud Registered Educational Provider we have worked hard with the Project Management Institute to understand and provide training for their latest 2016 PMP exam updates.

This exam is now the only version of the exam being provided to potential Project Management Professionals.

To summarize their updates the five domains of practice — Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing — for the PMP exam have not changed. However, there are numerous tasks within each domain that have been changed, added, or removed entirely. Additionally, there are a few new areas of focus related to evolving aspects of the project management profession.

Our newest PMP Exam UpdatesTraining Course: “PMP 2016 Exam Updates  covers these changes in depth.
Now you can learn about the following:

  • Learn about the role delineation study that was used when considering which changes were necessary.
  • Thoroughly cover how the following have changed in emphasis and content within the exam:
    • Risk Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Lessons Learned
  • Review detailed information regarding additions and changes to the domain tasks covered by the exam.

Dive into learning about the PMP Exam Updates Now!
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5 Tips for Finding Time to Do the Training

Knowledge vs. PerformanceDo you ever feel like you are falling behind? Such as, everytime you have finished a work project you find your desk filed high with papers or when you return home to feel like you’re just surrounded by clutter?

Of course it can be hard when you feel like your peers and community seems to be accomplishing their dreams and your just running in place to keep up with the “normal work load.” You’ve have your eye on that certification with your larger goal to prove that you are ready to be that leader in your industry.

Time is marching on and days turn into weeks and months, you feel like the calendar keeps flying by! When and how can you find the time to possibly study and put in the adequate training time with your full time job and busy social schedule?

We have all been there when procrastination is the easy way out and the smaller steps can seem insurmountable when it comes to finding times to implement these necessary steps, such as towards putting in the study time to pass the certification exam.

Based on industry standards and student feedback here are some suggestions on how to find the time to do the training:


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Make Training a “Must”

There are shoulds and there are musts.  Shoulds might get done, musts will get done.

How do you make training a must?

How do you make sure you do it when there are a million other things screaming for your attention?

Learning is inherent and already part of your nature. However you have to ready and willing to recognize there can always be an improvement and that you are student at all times. Studying has to be non-negotiable, like the 10% automatic deduction from your paycheck that goes into a 401k.

You have to allow it to become a habit, a part of you, it needs to become a must.

How to Make Training a Must:


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