Keys to Becoming a Successful Learning Leader

Utilize strategies your company can use to identify and empower a group of committed people to support your eLearning programs.

The goal of this series is to help your company cultivate a group of people who care about the outcomes of the training program. In our first installment (Turning Emoployees Into Learning Champions), we introduced the concept of a core learning group and discussed the roles that need to be filled. This time we’ll continue with discussion about the responsibilities of the core learning group and communication strategies.


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Turning Employees into Learning Champions

Committing human resources to an eLearning program is one of the more critical investments a company must make in order to be successful.

Identifying, assigning and empowering a core group of learning champions can help ensure the aggressive pursuit of excellence and value in terms of training. In this series we look at some strategies your company can employ to establish a core group of learning champions.


To help support the adoption of training at your company, it’s effective to have a core cadre of key staff members that fully understand the value of training and champion its use. Through needs analysis and planning, companies can identify and fill those key staff roles to create a self-sustaining support system for the corporate training program.


Corporate strategy officers and administrators for businesses that are seeking to implement or improve an eLearning program

There is strength in numbers

Your company may have an LMS administrator, but does it have a Core Learning Champion?
It’s common for companies to have an overwhelmed HR coordinator who is overloaded with work and intermittently gets interrupted with questions about the learning system.
We have found that ,ore mature companies have a selection of “learning leaders” who are invested in the positive outcomes that come from a successful learning program. Even if your company has bought in to the values of a learning program, if the program isn’t properly staffed it will have difficulty getting off the ground.

Successful training programs are the result of hard work, strategy, and execution.

Learn how build a stronger, faster, and better training program by developing a core team of champions to help promote your organization’s training values to send your training program to new heights.


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Are you Agile?

What is Agile?

The Agile Manifesto was born in 2001 with the goal of creating a better way for developing and coding computer software in a more fluid project management approach.

Fashion retail chain Zara has credited its success to an agile project management approach to its supply chain.

Agile has quickly emerged as the standard as it drives businesses and it’s people to work in smaller, non-hierarchical teams; there is no rigid plan or path to stick to, and it is accepted that the end product you are working towards can often look very different to what was initially planned if a better way of achieving the strategic purpose of the product is found.

In CIO’s article, titled “Why agile skills are more valuable than certifications,” it is clear that demand for mission-critical IT projects is increasing as the economy improves. Adopting the agile mindset is key for IT professionals to be able to keep pace with the IT project demands.

This shift has been evolving and the business trends continue to follow this need that the Agile Mindset brings.

What can you expect in our new Agile Course?


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reitred courses are like old technology

LearnSmart Retired Courses

Technology is Changing and So Are Certification & Professional Standards

Did you know that industries certification standards that they need to be updated every 2-5 years?

As we provide 100’s of courses we constantly strive to provide you with the most up-to-date courses. This means that we are constantly replacing and updating our course content to align with the industry standards.

When you see a course with “(Retired)”as a preffix, this means that we have created a newer more up to date course. The course description will clearly state what exam or standard that it is meeting. To ensure that you still have full access to these “retired” courses

View the below chart to understand all the courses we are retiring, what is replacing them, and the date when you will see them disappear.


Updated LearnSmart Course Series
Retiring LearnSmart Course Series
Date Series Retires
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (AB1825 & AB2053) A) (Retired) Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers (California Compliant)B) (Retired) Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers July 2015
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees (AB1825 & AB2053) A) Retired) Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees (California Compliant)B) (Retired) Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees (AB1825) July 2015
Network+ N10-006 Network+ N10-005 August 2015

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